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Wendy Stiles Photography Portrait

I’m Wendy Stiles. A commercial photographer capturing the world while striving to heal it.  

I believe in the power of images to positively impact the people we love, the businesses we build, and the world we inhabit.

Located in Melbourne’s inner west, I’m a commercial and family photographer specialising in candid images that capture the depth of human connection. I believe in the power of an image to inspire, influence and ignite change. That’s why love working with people who share my desire for a kinder and cleaner world.


Whether you’re a business owner looking to elevate your brand or a parent wanting to document life’s precious milestones, I will treat your project with the creativity and care it deserves. With almost two decades of experience photographing business owners, teams, products, fashion and families, I approach every project with a compassionate heart and a commitment to excellence.

How I got into this

I’ll never forget taking my first photograph at the age of five . . .


I was fascinated by how the light was hitting a crystal vase and I wanted to capture the magic of that moment. While my mother was annoyed that I used a whole roll of film, I was hooked.


I discovered a love of landscape photography while studying in my native Montana. As I captured the beauty of nature while hiking, I started to develop the organic and warm style you see today.


From Montana to Melbourne, my work continued to mirror the stages of my life . . .


While travelling through China and Mexico, I started to capture not just places but people too. And after relocating to Australia and having my two beautiful sons, I was drawn to maternity, newborn and family photography.


In 2016, after a decade of dabbling, I turned my first love into a full-time career. Five-year-old me found her way to capturing magic for a living. I think she’d be proud.

What I stand for

My business reflects who I am as a person – a bi-racial, nature-loving, mother and sustainability advocate committed to helping like-minded people share their stories and grow their business.


I believe that every person is perfect, just as they are. My editing focuses on colour and contrast, amplifying reality rather than compromising it.


I approach every shoot with an open mind and a kind heart. I understand that not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera and strive to create a safe space for all.


My creativity is matched by my technical skills. I’ve studied applied photography at RMIT and guest lecture at the Photography Studies College in South Melbourne.


I am driven to create a cleaner world and prioritise working with brands who share my love of nature and commitment to sustainability.

The Good Humans Club

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Why I do what I do

Melbourne professional headshot photographer

Artistic brilliance

 " Wendy's photos are nothing short of artistic brilliance. I have had the good fortune of having Wendy capture a corporate headshot and two family events.  All her photos were natural and unintrusive. There were so many precious moments encapsulated, including those that we didn't recall until viewing the final photos. Her work is simply beautiful and truly connects with the emotions that we wanted to bottle up and treasure. We will continue to return to Wendy and would recommend her a thousand times over to friends, family, and any stranger who is willing to listen. "

- Kim


Join my community of purpose seekers, business growers and nature lovers.

Like my work and what I stand for? Let’s chat about how I can create a gallery of images that move and inspire you.

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