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Celebrate milestones and meaningful connections with authentic family portraits.

More than an image: why family photography is so important.

Often when you look through family albums you’ll notice one person is missing – mum. Mums are usually the ones taking the photos, trying to ensure we capture the memories and remember the milestones in our children’s lives. It’s so important for mums (and dads) to be present in family photographs – you deserve that, your children deserve that.


Is this type of photography for you?


If you want beautiful professional photos of your family that capture their personality with beautiful colours and style, and will look amazing on your wall, then you’re in the right place. If you just want some photos with all of you in it though, then probably not. What you could do instead is swap with family friends. Go to a local park, make a day of it, and take snaps of each other.


Professional photography is not just looking through the viewfinder and pressing a button. It’s understanding light, people, babies and children, knowing how to guide people into a pose while making them still feel comfortable because they trust you and will bring out the best in you and your family. It’s not only having professional equipment and software but fully knowing it to be able to not only take amazing photos, but to edit them so they become amazing artwork and not just photos. This only comes with time, patience and experience. It also comes from love and passion.


So if that resonates with you then yes this is your type of photography. Get in touch and let the magic begin . . .

Your session


For your session we will choose a location that suits your family whether that be a park, the beach, your home or an urban area. I’ll ask you to interact with one another and will capture your engagement, laughter and love. Don’t worry though, I won’t leave you standing there not knowing what to do I will guide you when needed. I’ll also include some posed shots so that you get the perfect variety of images.

Head over to the blog to see examples of previous sessions. 

For pricing visit the INVESTMENT page.



 " I highly recommend Wendy based on the following 3 things:

  • Thoughtful photographer - She checked in on colours, the mood we wanted from the photos, right down to checking off our outfit the day before.

  • Flexibility - Wendy worked with us the way we needed to work, being very accommodating to our moody teething toddler.

  • Talented - Wendy captured some really beautiful shots for our family, and the final prints we received were at such high colour quality that wow’d even my very hard-to-please mother! "

- Veronica

 " We used Wendy back in 2017 to capture some family photos at our little boy's first birthday party. It was our first time being photographed by Wendy, and she instantly put us at ease and made us feel comfortable in front of the camera. She's friendly, easy to chat with and makes you feel instantly at ease whilst being photographed. Wendy's ability to make her clients feel relaxed translates directly into the quality of images you receive; she captures all the right moments and her work brings out the best in everyone she's photographing. At no point does anything feel unnatural or wooden, and her work really speaks for itself. As a result of the images we received after our first Wendy shoot, we've since been back every year to get our annual family photo shoot. Wendy is just so lovely to work with. Her rates are very competitive and she's responsive with correspondence. We can't wait for our next photo shoot with Wendy. "

- Eva


More questions?

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