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Eleanor Clinic | Melbourne | Business Branding Photography Session

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Capturing Humanity and Connection: Behind the Scenes of the Eleanor Clinic Branding Photoshoot

In the world of medicine, where precision and professionalism often take the spotlight, there's a refreshing breeze of change at the Eleanor Clinic.

Eleanor Clinic isn't your ordinary medical facility. With its vibrant and inclusive approach, the clinic goes beyond the traditional norms, embracing diversity and celebrating individual personalities. And what better way to showcase this unique essence than through a team branding photoshoot that captures not just faces, but humanity and connection?

A Splash of Colourful Inclusivity

As I walked into the Eleanor Clinic, I was greeted by a burst of colours that adorned the walls, waiting areas, and even the staff uniforms. The clinic's commitment to inclusivity was evident in every detail – from the diverse clientele it serves to the warm and inviting atmosphere it exudes. The goal of the branding photoshoot was clear: to convey these very values through every shot.

Beyond the White Coats

The key to this photoshoot's success was to showcase the clinic's team as more than just professionals in white coats. It was about capturing their individual personalities, the quirks that make them unique, and the camaraderie that forms the backbone of Eleanor Clinic. This approach not only humanises the medical staff but also allows potential clients to connect with them on a personal level, erasing the intimidating barrier that often exists in medical settings.

Some kind words from everyone at Eleanor Clinic . . .

“Thank you, Wendy, for making us all feel so comfortable in front of your camera. You just blended in and did your magic.” - Eleanor Clinic

Wendy Stiles is a professional commercial and branding photographer based in inner west Melbourne and services mainly Yarraville, Williamstown, Footscray, Spotswood, Newport and Altona but will come to all areas of Melbourne.

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