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Magistrates Court of Victoria| Melbourne | Business Branding Photography Session

Behind the Scenes at the Magistrates Court of Victoria

At the Magistrates Court of Victoria, justice isn't just a principle; it's a lived experience. Our recent photoshoot aimed to capture this experience through a series of professional headshots and candid lifestyle images. Each photo tells a story of dedication, commitment, and the daily hustle of legal professionals. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how we brought these moments to life.


The Importance of a Professional Image

The photoshoot began with professional headshots. These are more than just pictures; they are a representation of the individuals who uphold the law. From judges to clerks, each portrait captures the professionalism and seriousness required in their roles. These are just a few of the portraits that were taken.

Lighting and Composition

We used soft, diffused lighting to highlight the facial features without casting harsh shadows. This technique helped to emphasise the professionalism and dignity of each subject. The backdrop was neutral, ensuring that the focus remained on the individual.

Office Life

Daily Hustle and Bustle

Next, we moved to the offices, the centre of the court's daily operations. Here, we captured candid shots of clerks and other legal staff going about their work. These images showcase the often unseen efforts that keep things running smoothly.

Attention to Detail

From filing important documents to preparing case files, the work of these professionals is meticulous and essential. We aimed to capture their concentration and dedication, highlighting the importance of every role in the court system.

A Glimpse into the Process

These candid shots offer a glimpse into the process that supports the entire court system. Without this crucial work, the administration of justice would be impossible. Our photos aim to highlight everyone who keep the court's operations running smoothly.


The final part of our photoshoot took place in the courtroom itself. Here, we captured the dynamic environment where justice is delivered. Judges preside over cases, attorneys advocate for their clients, and clerks ensure proceedings are orderly and documented.

Final Thoughts

A Tribute to Legal Professionals

It was an honour and delight to work with everyone at the Magistrates Court of Victoria. This photoshoot was more than just a series of images; it was a celebration of the dedication and commitment of the legal professionals.

Wendy Stiles is a business branding photographer based in Melbourne, Victoria.

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